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Identity of Valueinfinity lies on customer needs

Our Identity

Are you envisioning a high-performing team to meet today’s needs while also preparing for the future?

We firmly believe that people, though they rarely realize it, have infinite potential. We help our clients unlock this potential and bring real, sustainable benefits to their supply chain, product life cycle, and operations management by engaging in ‘Transformation with Purpose’. We help develop a true sense of purpose in change and define a clear strategy for the future.


Our Team

Meet Our Experts


Adam James

SEO Expert


Nicky Vitto

Social Analyst


Marinda Dune

UI/UX Designer


Trevor Smith

Web Designer


Jane P. Hills

Graphic Designer


Rina Scarlet



Janet Holland

UI/UX Designer


Ruth Johanson

Web Developer

Our Expertise

In a number of industry verticals, operations and supply chain organizations are going through growth pains.

ValueInfinity excels at envisioning, developing, and managing global transformation programs in a wide array of industries including industrial machinery manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, health care, medical equipment, and multi-tiered automotive supply. Our experience allows us to address challenges and opportunities in end-to-end value chains, especially from a global perspective. We understand the impact of globalization and develop value based strategies for managing the complexities and uncertainties in real life situations. We define transformational programs that can institutionalize the capabilities needed to develop strategies and initiatives to address: