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A skilled resource base is an organization’s most important asset. Globalization, innovation, and changing environments require continuous skills development including project management, managing under uncertainty, leadership, rationalization, and standardization. Human resource issues unfortunately often get lost during the process of transformation. ValueInfinity brings a revolutionary vision and methodology that helps develop and maintain a successful learning environment at scale.

At ValueInfinity we believe learning must be an executive agenda, with a promise to deliver on the critical success factors that include:

Leadership Commitment
  • Creating a culture of learning across the organization
  • Establishing learning as a core company value including everyday dialogue
  • Encouraging inquisitiveness
Maintaining an Effective Executive Level People Structure (CLO/CIO)
  • Ensuring leadership runs an effective long-term program
  • HR is integrated to align with all business strategies
  • Establishing a global talent management strategy with a rigorous implementation
Large Investment
  • Ability to see learning as a lifestyle through investment in training
  • Promoting greater job satisfaction and employee retention
Global Rollout of Governance and Principles
  • Understanding skills and competencies needed on a global level
  • Targeting the right talent and creating a relocation plan
  • Maintaining flexibility to meet local needs
Consistent Communication
  • Identifying new platforms to re-affirm learning initiatives
  • Integrating people repeatedly around a common vision
  • Establishing supportive and visible leadership
Aligning with Career Path and Succession
  • Maintaining a flexible and supportive administration system
  • Continual training and personal improvement at all levels
  • Large amount of time spent on successors

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