How organizations can ensure effective change management

How organizations can ensure effective change management

How can organizations ensure effective change management to minimize negative impact and maximize success during leadership transitions?

50% of newly hired executives are not supported well during their transition into a new role.

65% of promoted executives within the organization are also not supported well during their transition.

Unfortunately, many do not even recognize that there is a change happening. Changes are difficult and, if not handled properly, can bring significant damage to the organization.

Leadership change is a big one, but a well-designed and managed transition program can bring significant value to the organization and teams.

It is not a HR function, it is a business function, in the interest of the business.

✅ Consciously work on a 100-day transition plan, irrespective of whether the new executive is internally or externally hired.
o New executives, their teams, and supervisors should align on the changes that need to happen through the transition.
✅ Observe carefully, understand the context, the strength of the team, and what has brought the team to where they are.
✅ Realign on what contribution the new person can make, and must make, in the journey.
• Take time and slowly create an awareness for what success needs to look like.
✅ Align with supervisors and teams on where support will be required.
✅ Recognize what you need to let go of from previous roles, experiences, or ways of working.
• Spend time building relationships at the new level, understand and create the perception that will help you influence cross-functional collaboration.
✅ Relationships are vital for building trust, which, in turn, is a cornerstone of high-performing teams.

Every level has significance, as it works as support to the next higher level. For example, Level two, which is relationship-based, is important for sustaining, should there be any failure in Performance Level – 3.

We all aspire to be at the top level of leadership, but experienced people often fail to recognize the difference between Subject Matter Expertise and Leadership. We try to climb too quickly or think we’ve been through it, so we must focus on the next level.

Every new role, whether in the same company or a new one, requires a fresh look at the ladder, and one needs to work upwards.

Are you currently going through a leadership transition and want to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible while maximizing the value for your organization?

Our Program Management and Change Management program may be able to help. Our team closely works with you to create a customized 100-day transition plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We’ll also be there to provide support throughout the process to help ensure a successful transition.

If this sounds like something that could benefit your organization, we’d love to hear from you and explore how we can assist.

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