ValueInfinity is a Management Consulting firm that specialises in strategic vision execution, assisting organisations in realising their full potential by optimising supply chains, product life cycles, and operations management.
Since our inception in 2012, we have led global transformation programmes for customers in renewable energy, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, heavy machinery, health care, and multi-tiered automotive supply industries across North America and Asia-Pacific.
The principles of simplicity, practicability, and adaptability underpin our methodology. We create and implement a strong change management programme that places a strong emphasis on employee empowerment because we believe that people have limitless potential.
We offer our knowledge and experience to assist our clients in collaboratively solving complex problems, delivering measurable performance targets, and assisting them in making a positive contribution to the success of their organisation. We help you find true purpose in change.


To focus where the real change is indispensable rather than aggressive corporate goals which can be messy with many risky simultaneous changes

Shared Consciousness

Consistency in results leads to increased employee satisfaction, lowers costly turnover and increases success rate.

Measurable Target

A clear measurable target which is simultaneously aspirational and grounded will set the tone and direction as well.

Impactful Commitment

Initiatives delivering results, removing immediate pain areas, will build the momentum and fuel the journey.

Measurable Change

Measurable change goal crystallizes where the change efforts require to be directed without wasting resources on multiple things.

Dr. Alauddin Ahmed

Managing Consultant

Dr. Alauddin Ahmed

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