2023 Highlights

2023 Highlights

The importance of Prioritization

Senior leadership naturally aims to elevate their organizations, often by initiating changes in programs and engaging more with customers and employees. Simultaneously, organizations seek to operate in a lean and flexible manner to adapt to the unpredictable and ever-changing work landscape.

In order to be successful, organizations must prioritize thoughtful strategic planning and governing principles to navigate change effectively, addressing both strategic focus and pivotal needs. This proactive approach ensures resilience and success in the face of dynamic challenges.

Levelling Up Middle Management

In the dynamic landscape of industries, middle managers find themselves in between navigating complexity and opportunity. Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the challenges they face – ambiguity in roles, insufficient training, and lack of support hinder effective collaboration to address systematic issues.

We’ve identified key themes crucial for empowering the key role of middle management and ensuring seamless operational strategy execution. These include balancing growth and excellence, effective decision-making, and 360-degree communication/ management.

Is there a right way to Collaborate

Organizations are starting to realize that collaboration has the potential for further optimization. With organizations favoring leaner workforces and relying on cross-functional teams for impactful projects, collaboration has become more important than ever. However, since the pandemic, the prevalence of endless virtual meetings is impacting employee productivity.

To enhance employee engagement, organizations must address this issue. In 2024, technology, including AI, not only serves as the go-to platform for collaboration but also plays a crucial role as a key collaborator.

Data-driven Decision-making

Understanding the value, growth potential, and strategic utilization of data is a challenge for many companies. The Data Complexity – Value framework offers a structured approach to unlock the potential of data, addressing underlying issues and optimizing organizational success. Integrating such frameworks, like the Value – Complexity data framework, enables organizations to navigate the intricacies of data and find the ‘sweet spot’ for maximizing value and maturing their decision processes

Prioritization and empowering informed decision-making is essential for organizational growth and maturity.

Our Principal, Dr. Alauddin Ahmed, participated as a panelist in the Toronto Supply Chain Meetup. This event was organized by Owl Solutions to bring together thought leaders in operations and supply chain management to share their insights on what the future of supply chain management will look like.

Our Principal, Dr. Alauddin Ahmed participated as a panelist during the ETC conference in Calgary, AB. The discussion focused on managing uncertainties in asset lifecycle in Wind, Solar, Battery, and the considerations when leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Business Reporter hosted a panel discussion on SupplyChainTalk which focused on Supply Chain forecasting with AI. Themes discussed included:

  • simplifying projections and fulfilling demand with supply chain AI,
  • keeping the supply chain functioning and customers satisfied when fluctuating demand is on the horizon,
  • tracking and forecasting seasonal risks and pivoting planning accordingly.

  1. We partnered with a renewable energy company based in the US. Collaboration with us aimed to facilitate KAIZEN – a business concept that drives smoother change management while ensuring deeper involvement and engagement from stakeholders. The focus was on enabling the organization to plan and implement projects to achieve the next stage in its growth journey. With our help, they were able to establish a clear and transparent communication protocol with the Plan–Do–Check–Act framework. This enabled all team members to achieve clarity on their roles and project timelines. A communication plan also ensured an equitable distribution of workload among the team members.
  2. We have a strong continuing relationship with one of Canada’s major utilities provider. We have assisted them in developing a detailed road map pertaining to upscaling operations. In 2023, we worked on conceptualizing a Case Management platform to manage automated or manual reports of outages or any other technical faults. We worked closely with the company to identify key capabilities for this platform and identified potential service providers which could provide the required capabilities.
  3. We continued our partnership with one of North America’s leading renewable energy generators. We have been collaborating with this company since 2022, enabling them to sustain this momentum by conceptualizing and implementing a robust and comprehensive Operational Excellence program. Our engagement continues as various phases of the Operational Excellence get implemented. We succeeded in implementing a few significant deliverables in 2023, including frameworks pertaining to Integrity Management, Environmental Health and Safety and Monitor and Control plan.

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